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Gallery: Nude fantasies

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Published: Tuesday 18th of November 2003 06:11:50 PM


John Peri
Fair enough Andy. To everyone his fantasies ... !

govind dona
Good Cloning I could findout these two girls are one but placed one by one of their different shots from their movement of putting down the yellow fruit. but i appreciate the guy for his different think of creating them funny.

Marvin Sodicoff
If she lights the stove it's going to make an interesting fire. It's a good thing that there are two of them.

andy round
I dunno... what am I supposed to take from this? 'Twins' I get, even though it seems most likely to me that this is a montage (which I don't have a problem with), but then they're just stood there naked save for high heels and hats in an ordinary kitchen- to what end? Nudity's a valid subject, but don't you need to do something with it (as you need to use any device in an image)? Is the nudity here simply an end in itself? If so, it's been done better countless times. Even taking the folder title into account, I'm just left.... disappointed at the mundanity of it all. The fantasy here just doesn't seem all that fantastic.

James Vincent Knowles
I'll bite... what fun!

Sandeha Lynch
Yeah, seriously - your second post has a bright spark of life to it. I hope you're not under-rating yourself! :))

JF Ochoa
Very good, John. And good answer to andy... :-)

John Timlin
there is no room, appliance or article of clothing that cannot be improved by the presense of a naked lady, this fact is immutable.

John Peri
Andy, I think you missed the point here. It is a parody on nudity, mixed in with a little fantasy and humour.You know .... it can make some people smile.

andy round
Not sure I can think of a question to which a good answer is more naked women in kitchens, but I guess that means that I'm just not part of the gang. Oh well ho-hum.

John Peri
Well, I've been thinking and talking about it, but I haven't got around to it yet. I guess i'm waiting for a few more cheaper pixels!

Curt T.
bullshit highly creative. How long does it take you to do a image like this, and... why would you not be shooting digital to do work like this- would it not be easier? extremely impressed. ct

David Noble
YES YES YES!!! This is possibly one of your best.

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