Karen - closeup

by Rowen Bob

karen closeup seeking critique rowen bob

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Published: Sunday 16th of November 2003 03:11:22 AM


J.M. Clark
I understand that you were going for a tight closeup here but the crop on the jawline is a little bit strange.

Stan Bruins
I am agree with james you crop to strange but the light is beautiful and it is a nice coposition

Heinrich Wurm
Mysterious and alluring; beautiful pose, composition and lighting.

Robert Wingard
response First, I am no expert but here is my opinion: (For what it is worth from an average joe) Overall very nice, pose is captivating and alluring, nice lighting. Not too sure I like the way you cropped the bottom. Also do not like the one finger showing in the upper right in the hair. Not a big distraction. Again thatÂ’s just my opinion, on what I consider a very good photo.

Detlef Klahm
crop may be a tad tight but this portrait oozes sensuality...her messy her sensoues lips and beautiful piercing eyes....well done

John Dunlap
Looks like a scene from "Terminator"...like her head's being crushed...but I still like it.

Juan Monino
love the hair over her beautiful face

Bob Rowen
Karen - closeup One of my favorite shots of this versatile model - we've done over 2,000!

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