Elora Gorge Bridge2

by Marriott Len

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Gallery: Elora - Fergus Ont. Area

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Published: Wednesday 5th of November 2003 01:48:18 AM


W J Gibson
foreground is a little better although both shots are very good.....on this one I want to see just a bit more bridge... so get in your car drive down and move a foot to the left, maybe 18 inches... : )

Ken Williams ...
I like this version better. Foreground rocks are more interesting and the colors seem more saturated.

Windle Lands
The angle works great for the gorge but the bridge is kind of obscured by the hazy white sky. The photo still has a nice feel to it. Not bad.

Tristan Laing
blown out sky, minus one point.

Len Marriott
Blown Sky - Obscured bridge! Tristen & Windle, Thanks for responding. I suspected that would happen so I placed some vegetation over it in an attempt to minimize it. Looks like I used too heavy a hand. The composition, I agree, needs very careful adjusting to balance these two elements. Also, perhaps the high contrast Superia 200 was the wrong film choice here. The scene is high contrast even in heavy overcast conditions. Reala or Porta 160 may work better. I'll be going back later this year. Will do a retake. Best, LM.

Greg McCracken
Very well done in my opinion, Len! You have balanced the scene perfectly with the heavier foreground rocks on the left by the bridge and shrubbery on the right. Half covering the bridge with branches gives it an atmosphere of mystery like a wolf peeking out of the bushes at you. The blown out sky doesn't detract from it for me and your use of the branches to minimize it was a good choice. I've shot this bridge a number of times and haven't been so content with my compositions, largely due to the central location of that big boulder in the middle of the stream. Net time you're back here we should move it a few feet to the left. This angle, however fixes all of that, adds an air of suspense and underscores your mastery of composition.

Len Marriott
"Move the Boulder" ! Greg, Yah, you & me & 'Bob the Builder' with his 'Mighty Machines' The scene and subject are relatively simple but it's still tough to come away with a satisfying rendition of it. I too have been there a number of times searching for the Holy Grail but am usually somewhat disappointed each time, though, by now I do have a number of variations of it to offer. I'll be back! (appologies to Arnie) Best, LM.

Len Marriott
Malcolm Yeh, but you'd probably be behind me in the procrastination line. (or would that be 'ahead' of me ?) By the way you've missed the opportunity to capture the bridge support column that you see pictured here. They've refurbished it since this was taken. Looks way more modern now! Best, LM.

Len Marriott
Elora Gorge, On. Taken on a field trip to Elora Gorge Conservation area Sep.'03. Comments much appreciated, ratings less so. Best, LM.

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