Blue Hen Falls, Autumn, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

by Tatulinski Walter

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Published: Sunday 2nd of November 2003 06:16:29 PM


Birger Hoglund
God shot with nice colour. well done!

Kim Slonaker
I hope you have more shots you will be posting of this one. I, too, would be interested to see a different perspective of this one. The trees are nice, but seem to detract from the water and subtle lighting on the rocks. They are so bright your eyes want to wander on up there.

Igor Laptev
Very nice shot, Walter!

Don Fowler
Looks good. I also would like to see other angles too. I like the view point here, but would like to see the camera up a little higher and looking down slightly. In nature however we often can't get into the perfect vantage point unless we drag along a ladder or something.
But the image as it is is very strong. The colors of the leaves really stand out with the great depth of field. I like the slow shutter speed making the moving water a blur. Yes, the effect is done a lot but that is because it is very pleasing.

TC Reed
Agree with all the above. More angles. You have a little masterpiece here. Rich in color and rock formation as well as your perfect shutter setting. Very nicely executed. I like the forest and the sunlight coming through but also would like to see from a looking down angle allowing for a tighter frame on waterfall and it's immediate surreoundings. Rocks are great in this shot. So well done! :)

Deyjia Vuu
I would like to see more angles of this waterfall you photographed. I like this shot but feel the forest in the background was not necessary. In fact, it may be taking away from the lovely colors of the leaves around your fall. I love the boulders you allowed. Very nice!

Tina Tango
nice photo walter....very good 3d

Martin Paul
Outstanding Walter!

Walter Tatulinski
Thank you all! Your kind comments mean a lot, and I appreciate the suggestions. Regards.

Steve Marcus

Frank Mueller
Great shot of this waterfall. As far as I know, there is no time of the day when the sunlight actually hits the waterfalls or any leafs that would be lying around it. That's why pictures of this fall often look grey and murky - I have plenty of those. Walter has overcome this problem perfectly by including the sunlit rocks in the foreground and the sunlit forest in the background. Trust me, you won't find a better perspective to capture this fall!

Jason Wolters
I know this place... Was just browsing and I thought I recognized this place. It's in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (formerly NRA). Used to live right near it before I started into photography. Nice shot, and I think I remember that a higher perspective (as others have suggested) is not possible based on the surrounding terrain.

Jay Patel
Beautiful shot of one of my favorite places. Perhaps a slightly overcast day would have help better control some of the highlights in the photo.

Michael Christensen
Super Image! There is just something about a 6X7 image that challenges the mind. This was not an easy shot. You've got the lighting just right, the motion blur of the water, the light & shadows make for a surreal effect. I won't comment on perspective, as obviously you didn't have a ladder to stand on, but what I see is breathtaking indeed. Great work. Thanks for sharing this one.

David Roossien
I would like to see more light at the bottom of the falls to help lead you from the rocks on bottom right to the top shelf. That's most likely a physical impossibility with the angle of the sun and trees on the left. Regardless, the foreground rocks are spectacular and really make the image.

Duane Loya
Familar scene for me. Well, this is a real nice shot of the Blue Hen Falls. I like the fall colors, and I will be heading there this fall as well. I like the contrast in this picture. Have you been to the Butter Cup falls just about a mile down the path. If you're ever in the area look me up, I would be happy to shoot with you at the Butter cup falls as well. I will have a picture of the Butter Cup Falls up in about a week that I shot this weekend. Nice shot all around !!

Larry Darnell
You left the trees in, I think you're right. I've never seen this spot, or any other shots of it, so... this works just great for me. Love that crisp large format look. Talking about crisp, how about a cup of apple cider and some fresh apple cider doughnuts after the walk in the woods? Terrific fall ambience in a stunning shot!

Walter Tatulinski
Blue Hen Falls in Autumn. Comments regarding composition are invited.

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