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Published: Sunday 2nd of November 2003 02:47:36 AM


James Alexander
Really great shot of the dragonfly. Unfortunately the background is a little distracting, especially the blue streak running vertically through the center of the frame. Could you have moved to the left slightly and elminated the blue streak? Also, I think a vertically framed shot may have worked better and not made the dragonfly look so "boxed in."

Kim Slonaker
Vivid colors and nice and sharp. Good capture!

Julie Steidl
great composition. nice clear colors.

Natasha Mhatre
stunning these are difficult to take pictures of, arent they? really brilliant capture!

Hassan Mustafa Alatrash
Stunning and breathtaking, the blurred background adds to the overall dynamics of this image ---> 7/7

Dragonfly No, the dragonfly was not eating the wall... anyway comments are most welcome. TQ.

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