Nuance #26

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance kodak black and white cokin red pentax sm sousa dias nana

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Published: Saturday 1st of November 2003 05:49:10 PM


Nana Sousa Dias
Scott: Do you believe, I didn't noticed that? Do you work for Scottland Yard? ;-)

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice composition.

Artur Pirmagomedov
very nice !

Fred Vnoucek
great work ... may I say as usual? :o)

Scott Bulger
Beautiful shot Nana. The only nitpik that I have the the footprints leading up the slope from the left.

Jonathan Charles
Heroic , almost sphinx-like figure of humanity facing the dawn in an utterly empty landscape. Powerful and effective composition. ... Jonathan

Kim Slonaker
I noticed them, too, but they didn't bother me. You have to figure the girl got there somehow and it makes sense there are footsteps where she walked. Nice lines, tones, and lighting in this composition.

Kirk Voelker
Powerful Image Strong compositiion

Bill Angel
I would have preferred to see the model's face, or at least her profile.

Krzysztof Ciborowski
superb, well done, your portfolio impressed me, great job !!!

Detlef Klahm
composition, perspective is awesome... I think I may want to see her head straight or towards the an alternative view...and you may have it and don`t like it...thats why this one is here for us to enjoy

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