Pregnant Nude

by Young Sean

pregnant nude seeking critique young sean

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Published: Thursday 30th of October 2003 08:03:24 PM


Lasse Pettersson
Beautiful portrait and a interesting nude subject, instead of all this models presented on

PP Harnisch
Lovily! Lovily portrait Sean. Very well done!!! The image exudes a softness and tenderness. Love the expression also, you captured something about this beautiful woman that indicates that you made her very comfortable working with you. Posture, lighting, cropping etc are all, in my opinion, without fault. Can't wait to see more of your work! Cheers, P

Anthony Peterson
Excellent composition. Spectacular portrayal. Quite lovely.

David Edwards
Originality Showing beauty in a nude non-slender non-model requires some originality. Yet it appears it wasn't terribly difficult to do so. There truly is beauty here, but not of the conventional commercial variety. Thanks to both the photographer and the model.

Colin Carron
Beautiful colours. Very gentle study.

Klaus Sommer
Geschmackvoll Eine wunderbare Darstellung einer schönen schwangeren Frau.

Leica Virgin
Finally!! A real nude (using what appears to be a real subject for a change)!! This is a very sensual image, with lovely tones and lighting, as well as subject! I don't like the cropping of the hair, the hand, or lower legs though. Still, you don't see this every day on PN! :-)

Frank Whittle
There's a surprise, you got two 2's from someone who has no work of his own to show! ;-) Nice shot.

Ivo Bogaerts
It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful mother. Good work.

kristin morales
I just started doing maternity photography for my family and friends and enjoy your photos...the realness and beauty that each woman has during this special time. Good work!

Sean Young
Pregnant Nudes I would appreciate any constructive feedback.

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