Body # 38.

by Amelkovich Igor

body nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 30th of October 2003 11:58:56 AM


Ken Thalheimer
I'm not that crazy for the pose, but the lighting is good giving great soft shadow. Great detail with the Hassy in the skin and arm hair. Someone gave this a 1 for originality? Give me a break!

Jim Swenson
I like the dark look, different.

Daren Fentiman
hand up There's something very erotic about a woman touching herself. Great body, I would soften her hand a bit, it looks much older than her body Nice job

Detlef Klahm
erotic/sensual image technically great

Clifford Lynch
This reminds me a lot of Helmut Newton or Ellen von Unwerth. Was a contrast between the softness of the feminine form and the violence in the hand what you were going for? If so, you nailed it! Nice work.

Igor Amelkovich

Peter Apostol
Is she looking for her car keys?

Kristos Keen
I love your work, Igor, but this one... to me, is particularly effective. Great composition, perfect lighting, and your exquisite model who is at once powerful, and extremely sensual. I agree that this shot suggests Helmut Newton (the ultimate compliment). What a paradise your country must be for a photograhpher interested in nudes.

Pamela Edwards
Beautiful lighting. Rather risque this one I think. Don't tell me what she is doing!

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 38. Atletic body.

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