Pemigewasset River-Lincoln, NH

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

pemigewasset river lincoln nh seeking critique harrington usa massachusetts j


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Category: Nature

Published: Monday 27th of October 2003 12:44:53 AM


Kevin Briggs
Just an all around gorgeous shot! Thanks for sharing!

Ron Karpel
The soft light on the water and the rocks in the foregrand is wonderful, but the dark area of the trees is distracting. Ron

David Lier
Excellent asthetics. I like the subtle colors and tones in the background forest. Not very original, but there is something to be said for just beautiful photography. Nice job.

Martin Paul
It is a beautiful shot, but the black trees weaken the shot it for me.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Dark Background About the comments on the darkness of the tree area in the background. Keep in mind the image was made long after sunset and to my eyes at the time, even the river area was very dark. The area under the trees was almost pitch black but the long exposure brought out just enough detail IMHO.

Jon Dicks
I also like the black in the background, with just enough detail. I think this is what makes this shot stand out from the ordinary.

Ken Williams ...
J Harrington ............ haven't seen that name in awhile ............. (-; Very nice image and the dark forest works for me. Helps keep your attention where it belongs but makes a nice accent in the background. Yes, I'd hang it on the wall.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
TIME EXPOSURE - PEMIGEWASSET RIVER This image was made long after sunset. The original, out of camera version was a bit dark and had a heavy blue cast. This version had Adopbe Photoshops auto levels applied and color saturation was upped a bit. Aside from the washed out section of the water (no pun intended) I liked this image enough to hang an 12x18 print on my wall. Comments appreciated.

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