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Published: Sunday 26th of October 2003 09:59:23 AM


Gordon Logue
All this argument I thought this was about the gecko. Great shot. Ignore the, ah, well, just ignore them.

John Peri
Laurence, the wet look sounds terrific, but it's winter and she was outside in the passageway! As for the lighting, it's not a choice unfortunately. I use a flash so I am very much a victim of what turns out. Thanks for the critic.

John Peri
Thank you Alberto. If arrogance to some means that I discourage people from making personal comments about the models which they may find offensive, regretfully, I will continue to do so whenever possible, like others do too. My models are friends, and I ask their permission to post their photos and they often ask to see what is written. They do not like to hear that they are anorectic, in need of a chiropratician or that their choice to add a tattoo to their body was in bad taste or will leave them looking terrible when they become old. This has nothing to do with my person or my response to critics of my photos which I have never contested, other than to express my point of view regarding the results obtained.

Jonathan Charles
This is a very nice whole-body portrait of a beautiful young woman.

John. I don't think you have to be so sensitive about the tatoo comments, they are not insulting to your model but merely express a point of view. I quite agree that negative comments along the lines "she is too fat / old / ugly" are potentially hurtful and should be avoided but a tatoo is not there by accident and if someone chooses to have one and display it they must expect that people may make a comment on it, either positive or negative as part of a critique of the photo. This one is very subtle , compared with many others such as those in my photo "Tatoos", and I'm surprised that anyone would feel it spoils the picture. But the purpose of a critique forum is to find out what other people think, so we should not complain when they tell us (within reason). ... Jonathan

John Peri
Thank you Michele. I love erotism too, as long as it never crosses the threshold into vulgarity. I am not trying to be "defensive" so much as to attempt to "convert" those that see evil where it does not exist. When I photograph a beautiful girl, I compare her to a landscape and I speak to her in those terms. I have not as yet met a girl that does not relate to the comparison.

Jim Swenson
I think that a very tasteful image. The only thing that I don't like is the tatoo. That's a general bias that I have for all tatoo for men or women. You end uo with a beautiful form that's been desecrated.

Michele Ciofalo
John, nude is one of the great classic themes of fine arts and photography and does not require any justification. Sad times indeed if one has to justify a nude. Your nudes are among the chastest around here, but I don't mind more malicious ones as well - nude and erotism are obviously related and it would be funny to accept one without another.

John Peri
Thanks Jim, I know that you don't mean it badly, but that is a personal remark that has more to do with the model than my photo which I don't think has it's place here. Also, frankly, it gets a little embarrassing when the models ask me to see what is said about their photos. I really think that we should avoid making statements about the girls, however well intentioned they may be. Thank you for your understanding.

James Moro
Very well done, John! beautiful model, excellent framing and use of the interesting metal bench. the bathrobe is great idea, and the lighting is very flaterring. the only thing I'd try differently is to experiment w/ the background. maybe use some blue gels and go for a fresh, wet look.

David Edwards
Flowers and Landscapes I specialize in flowers, landscapes, animals, etc., and I like this photo. It reminds me of a recent rattlesnake photo I recently took because the subject is beautiful, dangerous, noble, and worthy of capturing well on film. A tattoo is simply another form of makeup: done well, it enhances natural beauty. I only wish the tattoo here were a little sharper.

John Timlin
about this tatoo thing ... .... i think on an objective, photo on the screen level, the tattoo distracts from the natural beauty of your subject. i don't think its an insult to the model to say so. she has the right to have one and its your choice to capture it. but for me your photos convey the matter-of-fact "natural" beauty of women. this one, i think, showcases someone else's artwork which, i'm guessing, will appear quaint in a few years time. but its honest, which may be the point. ->ps-> there are few more beautiful "natural landscapes" than the contours of a woman and ansel adams, i'm sure, took few pictures of landfills. as for mixing it up with critics, that's the artist's due.

J. Locke
Ditto Funny how people are so quick to say what offends them...before considering how others will be offended by their proclamation, or before considering how their own appearance, style, mannerisms may unknowingly offend others (doesn't matter who you are, I guarantee you that "something" you do offends someone). There's a human being with feelings attached to that maybe it's better to avoid writing things that wouldn't be said directly to her face. On to the photo,'s simple, elegant, and striking. The thing that strikes me most about it is how completely relaxed the model appears. Too often, nudes appear contrived or the models just don't convey the level of confidence this one does. The eyes are the key in this...but also the relaxed posture. The soft lighting and limited color also make this an excellent photo.

Felix Diaz
One of your best, although I still think the railing is distracting. You could clone it out.

James Perdue
Tatoo John, I agree with Jim about the Tatoo. If you place a photo here to be critiqued, don't you expect that we should be able to comment on the subject, within the limits of good taste? Although this girl is beautiful, the tatoo makes your photo less appealing to me, and Aesthetics is what we critique, especially for a nude. I know this is true for only some portion of viewers, but I find tatoos offensive to an otherwise beautiful body. As for the girl, she needs to be able to take such critisism, she altered her body from natural and should expect some. Wait til she gets old and see what it looks like! Just my opinion.

Mihut Ionescu
nice, but ... This is a very nice picture and it actually portrays a woman in a very normal scenario. I don't actually find the tattoo distracting, but rather appealing, I'm not into tattoos, but this one is not some horrible animal or huge flower or skull, etc. Anyways, what I don't like about this picture is the expression on her face ... it just doesn't look real ... is that the expression of a woman coming out of the shower?

John Peri
Thank you.That is an interesting comment. My feeling however is that a full frontal should be subtle and not put the accent on erotism. If an image is erotic, I will present it otherwise, as you will see in some photos to follow. The "look" I tried to capture here is one of pride and self confidence. You may find that interesting.

Armindo Lopes
The pic is very good, technically very well executed and you are absolutely right on you comment on the top. Regards.

Ken Thalheimer
OK, I also am not crazy for the tattoo. But let's look at the photo on it's own merit. Tattoo or not the photo is made very well and I don't think anyone can deny that. End of converstation

Alberto Conde
Very much in agreement with John's previous comment.

Here we have a tasteful portrait, candid and innocent, excellently executed.

Well done, John!

Laurence Smith
Critique John: A technically nice shot. The highlight on the model's breast was a tiny bit disconcerting to me, as it conveyed "wetness" on otherwise dry skin. It set up an anomaly in my mind. But, perhaps that is something you wanted. I am wondering how the photo might have looked with wet "out of the bath" skin. I thought that the model looked a bit tense with the shoulders hunched up, but again maybe that is part of the overall look you wanted. The iron rail is wonderful, and fills a nice role. The model herself is beautiful with wonderful form and health. I love the image. Tasteful yet evocative.

Ken Thalheimer
Wallace, I think you're pretty well off base here. I also notice your aesthetics & originality ratings average to be quite low while you yourself have 0 uploads. What's up with that?

George Vincent
I've always enjoyed your portfolios. Some of it works for me, some doesn't. This one works. The lighting and pose are very appealing. I have noting against tattoos per se, but within the context of this image, it is a negative. The eye is drawn to it too quickly. If it had been an actual Gecko(sp?) rather than a tattoo would you have removed it or left it there as part of image, knowing that the viewers eye would be drawn to it? The power of the image is the nice line of the body, the spot on lighting, and the excellent skin tone.

John Peri
Thank you very much Andrew. For those that know my work, they understand that the models' look is mostly what I am after. Of course my lighting is often a matter of chance. I use a bounced flash.

Maggie O'Sullivan
Wonderful perspective john - i told you before i love the way you see us. when you wrote, "When I photograph a beautiful girl, I compare her to a landscape..." my heart leaps with joy. what a beautiful way to put it. thank you for being so expressive and so loving with us landscapes. - maggie

ssteve wall
good portrait. looks like it's for a fashion mag

Scott Bulger
When people are offended by tattoos, it has nothing to do with the photograph. Thank goodness she wasn't holding a cigarette as well or that entire "smoking is disgusting" crowd would have come out. Is the photograph well lit? Well composed? Well exposed? Yes to all counts. You're supposed to be critiquing the work of the photographer, not the subjects taste in body art. Grow up.

Scott Bulger
Robert... Commenting that you find the tattoo a distraction is a legitimate comment and shouldn't rankle anyone. "That's a general bias that I have for all tatoo for men or women. You end uo with a beautiful form that's been desecrated." That is the type of comment that rankles people.

John Peri
To George Vincent Your remark refers to the photo and not to the person in it. Formulated like that, I fully and totally agree with you, in the same way as one would not like the presence of a hut which spoils a picture of a horizon. However, here we are criticizing the scenery and not the landscape artist who chose to put it there. Many thanks for your comment which helps me to elucidate my point. I fully appreciate any critic of a photo. I simply do not think that we should extend this to the model, her anatomy or her tastes. This does not affect discusssion of the photo, as Scott rightly points out also above.

Gordon Logue
With all the discussion, I thought we were rating the Gecko. I just changed my rating. Some of you people need to get some therapy. ciao Good shot

Don Marks
For what it's worth.I like seeing tatoos on women.It doesn't detract from her beauty at all.Rather sensual actually. As for the photo,very nice light on a very nice subject.Can't say I like all your work,but I do like this.

Robert Brown
While I hate to rankle the ire of some, the tatoo is a distraction. Since photos on this site are pieces of art, this is a subject that is worthy of discussion. The photographer has chosen to photograph this woman with her tatoo. He cannot demand that people only comment on the technical aspects of photography, or on his alleged connection with them in their "natural" state, which in the end seems really egotistical. I have nothing against tatoos in general. However, this photo is about a sort of classical beauty, and the tatoo detracts from this. I agree with some of the other posts--John, this is one of your best posts. Great skin tones, great eyes, very beautiful woman. And as a man, in general, I do enjoy your posts. You consistently produce shots of attractive women. What I don't like is your attempt to limit the critique process, especially when people bring up reasonable issues. Best, Bob

Birger Hoglund
Just good

Detlef Klahm
a straight forward clean image of a beautiful always very good work my friend!

Adrian Maniutiu
Her look is conquering The expression you've captured is fantastic. A mix of natural power and vibrant personality. Everything looks very well balanced. I also have to add that she is very beautiful, but feeling the self-confidence she's radiating, I think she already knows that. Admirable moment and a very felicitous picture, one of your best! Regards,

John Peri
Thank you Adrian. That is a nice description of the young lady as portrayed in this picture. It is also pretty close to her character. Admittedly, I do try to capture the the personality of these models which, to an important degree, is a part of their overall beauty.

John Peri
Leica, thank you for this very constructive criticism. The focus issue is a thorn in my foot. As I bounce my flash, I obviously need to open the aperture to get sufficient light, and that doesn't give me the depth of field that I would otherwise like to have. I guess it's a question of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Thanks again, and also for noticing the "self confidence" of the model. It is one of my key wishes to capture this. John

Leica Virgin
Hi John,
I like the model's pose, and the composition of your photo. I agree with a previous comment about the rail: it is great! I also like the lighting that you have achieved, so you have great skill with your flash, I think! She does appear to me as being self-confident.
I do feel that her expression is a bit too 'harsh' (but interpretations of facial expressions are very subjective). However, my main criticism is with your focus: she is too soft, in my opinion... the rail and the towel (bathrobe?) behind her (to her left) appear to be reasonably sharp, as do her eyes, while the towel closer to us (on her right) is out-of-focus (I don't mind the towel/robe being out-of-focus at all, but it shows that the softness of her body is due to the focus being set a bit beyond her body). This is perhaps a personal thing, but I prefer the 'softness' of a model to come from a diffuser etc, rather than from defocussing. One could argue that the eyes are the only part of a model that need to be sharp, but I disagree - her whole body is the subject of the photograph because of its placement, which is why I'd prefer the whole body to be sharp. Lastly, I think that I would prefer that you hadn't cropped the top of her head... but I'm not really sure, as I also think that it may have made the photo appear too tall and narrow (this cropping of her head doesn't really bother me).
Keep up the good work!

Peter Mortelmans
This is one of your better photo's, but stil: No special lighting, No special background, No special pose, No special detail, No special clothes or props (unless you find the towel or the tattoo something original), ... People can be very forgiving to a pair of boobs.

Frunze Verdi
+ + + +

Patrick (Washington, DC)
this is the 3rd photo I am commenting on in your impressive and large portfolio. It just stands out to me - the shear beauty of the model, the nakedness without being too sexy or exploiting. perfect skin tones, perhaps a bit blown-out in the white part of the towel, and I think I would have preferred the foreground to be in focus as well. Regardless, she/the photo is just gorgous!

Neil White
All gone! The subject is a female body, no? Aethstetics matter, no? All model sites declare if a model has body piercing or tattoos so I guess they have a relevance. If you take a photograph, each tiny element adds or substracts to the overall shot. My personal belief is it has turned a beautiful shot of a glamourous woman into a non-eventer but I puzzle over the sensitivity of comments given here. The tattoo creates a total focal point in my humble opinion and surely this is what photography is all about - where do we want to draw the viewers eyes? - doesn't matter what the subject is. I've removed it (click below) for a comparison. As for 'don't comment on the model' I have to laugh, sorry but I do. It's like saying, 'Hey, here's me totally starkers but don't comment on me, comment on how in focus the photographer has taken it." Comments on the models are all totally valid in my view, they are an essential element to the viewers perception.

Marion Geralds
This is a beautiful picture John, I love it, and it has received a lot of very well deserved praise. I just collapse with laughter also at some of the answers that you give to the people that post these stupid comments, like the man above!

John Peri
You know something Neil, I really dislike the restaurant that they have put on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Next time I photograph it, I shall remove it.

Carla Maio

Fausti Martinez
What can I say? For me the best of all your pictures. Congratulations

Laszlo Horvath
I am not sure that I like the shoulders of the model raised up so much. They create an unnatural look. I haven't studied artistic anatomy (although everybody should learn some of it who wants to represent the human body), but it's just my feeling.

John Peri
That's an intersting comment Laszlo. Thank you. You know, it's a little like a face, when it is not as perfect as it could be, it sometimes attracts attention in a pleasing way. Maybe the shoulders help here in that context?

Palo Cillik
personality that is what i see in this picture. it is not very artistic but its personal and i would say it is one of her favorite. nice work

Kombizz Kashani
Tell he truth I like her look, and the way she look

John Peri
Nude Portraiture There is nothing offensive about the human body when it is presented with grace and with respect. I wish that those persons that critic such pictures, which very often turn out to be those that are themselves attracted to photographing flowers and landscapes, understand that there is a lot of similitude in our subjects. Our purpose in both cases is to capture the beauty and harmony that we perceive around us in nature. I find this to be an honourable mission, whatever the subject matter that one chooses.

Alberto Quintal
Always amazing!!!

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