Maresias #18

by Sousa Dias Nana

maresias pentax ilford hp cokin orange sm sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Saturday 25th of October 2003 07:45:56 PM


Nana Sousa Dias
Sam: My scanner is a bit temperamental! ;-) It's a cheap one! I've spend all my money on the 5x7" enlarger!!! ;-)

Jiri Vasina
Wonderful photograph. Jiri

Armindo Lopes
7/7 without favor. It's a masterpiece!

Thierry Burlot
wonderful as usual !

Steve J Murray
Very nice! Beautiful.

Jean-Philippe POLI
Wonderful composition and greyscale !

Pascal Proust
magnifique, superbe composition

Jonathan Charles
Brilliant composition evoking a scene from a JG Ballard story, the encrusted pylons representing the decline of technology, almost like the ribs of a giant extinct creature returning to peace in the earth. ... Jonathan

Kim Slonaker
Good balance of foreground and sky. The posts serve to really lead the eyes straight up the middle. Lots of texture and depth to this image. Nice!

Adrian Maniutiu
wonderful photo !!! ... ... and congratulations, your entire portofolio is just amazing. my regards,

sd adsada
Very nice shot!

Tomasz Solarek
Wow! Masterwork!!!

Sam M-M
Truly beautiful, great tones and textures. On my screen there are some very uneven tones in the sky above the clouds - is that my screen doing that or is that in the photograph itself?

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