Mag 9a

by Peri John

mag a nude peri john

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Published: Saturday 25th of October 2003 07:26:09 PM


Thomas Collins
Fuzzy John, this is well exposed photo with good skin tones and a beautiful subject, but when I look at it what I see is the intentionally blurred background. It looks like you gaussian-blured it to the extreme and and makes me wonder what distracting element was back there... and then my attention is not on the primary subject.

John Peri
Yes Thomas, I did blurr the picture, possibly with excess, though you may find that it gives the picture a more mysterious look. An apartment does not always give an ideal background for such a photos and I have very little space that is not congested with furniture or other objects. Thanks for the comment.

Mihut Ionescu
awesome I really like this one, however I'd make her keep the feet/ankles a bit more relaxed, it would go very well with the rest of her relaxed body/mood from the knees up.

John Peri
I get the point Mihut, but I tried different things and I found the feet to be more interesting like this than when I saw them flat on the ground.

csab' józsa
It is in the mood of the photo. Nice tattoo, would look better from the other side,maybe.

John Miller
Great tones, great always!

David Montroy
John, good composition, nice colors and model's pose. Very interesting. I like it.

Nadeem Tariq
Csab' jozsa Hey! if you interested in tattoos in other folder JP E24 is much nicer.

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