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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Friday 24th of October 2003 06:22:53 PM


Mihut Ionescu
photogenic? She needs to smile with her eyes, otherwise the pictures is very nice.

Baldur Birgis
Yes I think so.

David Schoen
tobacco John: your portraits are very nice. The tatoo is wonderful but lose the cigarette. Smoking kills. This model will look 40 before she is 35. As a health care professional, you really don't want to see what happens to your model as she gets older...

John Peri
Thanks. I did quite a few of photos of her. I think that she will turn out to be a really good model, but I will let you judge ...

Fawzi Karam
STUNNING I love the pose as I like photographing models myself,however the background could be improved.Good luck

Jim Swenson
Attractive model

Scott Bulger
It has been brought to my attention that the anti-cigarette comment was made with sarcasm, so I apologize for any pointed statements I may have made to the poster. The gist of the comment stands in case anybody else decides that they need to contribute along the same lines.

Timo Hartikainen
Yes, she is excellent model, but her top & pants are not! ;) I mean that while viewing the image, I'm staring too much the text/figures printed on the clothing.

John Peri
My dear Timo, personally, I would have difficulty in being distracted so easily! Also, if the clothes were all one colour, I think it may risk looking dull.

Scott Bulger
Chances are that Johns excellent photographic skills have nothing to do with his subjects decision to smoke. Get over it. Worry about your own health and leave everyone else alone. I knew you clowns would come out of the woodwork on this image. This is a very good photograph. Whether the subject is holding a cigarette, a flower, a gun, a pineapple, or a kitten wouldn't change that a bit. Get over yourself. Nice work John.

James Watt
Photogenic? Not only photogenic but sexy too. Very attractive model. I would try a different background though.

David Schoen
complaints John (and Scott and Timo): You can't please everyone. So far this model has collected complaints about her tatoo, her choice of clothes, and her cigarette (ok, that last one was my fault) but only to prove how critical people can be while avoiding the big picture. This is a wonderful pose by an attractive and non professional model. John, you have superb choice in your subjects and, as I understand it, a fantastic report to get your subjects to pose for you. I hope all of you viewers appreciate John's talent. BTW, did you know you can buy "Hello Kitty" panties in the US?

Evgeni Rozenshtein
This model is really beautiful, so for me she don't need these a bit distracting "guards"... :)

i am forever trying to pull off the 'smokin' shot but can never get it right. seems you have. great model .. great clothes .. great shot !!

Timo Hartikainen may be I have now watched the pic more. I'm not sure..but the main thing is: she's great.

John Peri
Scott and David, thank you for the nice words. It would be wrong to harp on some of the nasty things said lately, when so much support is forthcoming. Admittedly, however, I have occasionally been unable to understand what it is that brings out such bitterness in some people. I am posting pictures of young ladies because this is the niche that I have found in my photography and I enjoy it. Others specialize in windmills. It should not be a source of aggravation to anyone. There are many other things to look at, if they prefer. I just that wish people would be a little more compassionate and express the same tolerance towards others as they do to themselves.

Ufuk Ozkan

Pioles Cramponis
hot! Very sexy model. Great pose too!

Clive Rapier
2010 she is still good :)

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