Maresias #15

by Sousa Dias Nana

maresias agfa apx cokin orange pentax smc sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Thursday 23rd of October 2003 06:58:45 PM


Dave K
Beautiful Scene..Nice Depth..Great Clouds, Good job in capturing this!!

Francesco Martini
Spendid image!!!!

GĂ©rard Laurenceau
Image magnifique...

Kent Tolley
Being a newbee I have felt completely unqualified to comment on your work. But I could not resist telling you that I think this image is breathtaking. I am sucked right into your frame. Beginning at the rock in the lower right corner with the water flowing down its sides to the next rock in the midground with all the interesting detail on it's surface. Together they point to the void in the sky midframe and that amazing white cloud set in a sky of grey clouds. I like your balance of tones: that great black rock in the foreground and the white cloud in the background. And in between a seemingly infinite number of beautiful shades of grey. It looks as if a storm has just cleared and the sea is even more energetic than usual as it always is in the wind after a storm. It's beautiful everywhere I look. The amount of depth in this is tremendous and I feel I can walk right into your frame. How exquisite a fine print of this must be. The tonal possibilities with a large neg are an order of magnitude beyond 35mm. I admire your work very much.

Gerry LeMur
Perfectly composed, a beautiful photograph.

Douglas Howk
Stunning image. Foreground blur slightly distracting.

Nana Sousa Dias
Paul: I like it! I wish I could do that in my lab, but I can't bring all that contrast from the negative. I printed it with split grade, using grade 5 on the sky, but even with that filter, I didn't get that contrast! I'm gonna try selenium on the negative, to bring another Zone, and try again, this time with a condenser enlarger. Thanks for your sugestion.

Pascal Proust
great work...superb

Paul Frank
Another exceptional image. While the rock/waterfall in the foreground is placed in an unorthodox part of the frame, it works and definitely strengthens the composition. I can't help but think that you burned in the top and bottom too much, though. you've apparently burned in all the edges, which serves to focus the eye towards the center, but the center of the frame is not the key element here. the key elements of off at the sides and corners, surrounding the center. Also, the burns have killed alot of your highlights, such that they don't 'pop' the way they could. Finally, the dodge in the lower left is too obvious. Pardon me for doing this, but with a little dodging/burning, and a levels adjustment, I prefer it but perhaps it's just my taste. Very nice image!

Sam M-M
If a second view is at all helpful, I like Paul's contrasty image, but not quite as much as yours. I think it makes it a less "moody" shot.

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