Andrew, It's not a toy car.

by Salem Saad

The so called liberation from ISIS.

andrew its not a toy car isis war mosul nineveh citadel old destruction the so called liberation from salem saad

Gallery: Eyewitness of Mosul( Nineveh ) destruction.

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Exposure Time : 1/1000
F Number : 9.9
Iso Speed Ratings : 1600
Metering Mode : 5
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Published: Wednesday 6th of June 2018 10:24:16 PM


Franz Weber

Michael Linder
It's so very sad that documentary photos like this one have to be taken. This image tells the universal story that only the innocent are hurt as a result of political upheavals. Saad, you expertly captured in cold, dramatic fashion the devastation that occurred to obtain the liberation you made.

Saad Salem
Michael, this is the center of the old city, there is no fight going on, just a bombardment from 2 Km around the area to turn it into dust over the innocent citizens. It's estimated around 40 000 citizen have been killed, most of them being women and children.

Andrew Piotrowski
Hi Saad it is a devastating photo, but a toy car in the lower left add even more tragic reality to it.

Jack McRitchie
This is the kind of image we must be forced to see, the tragedy of homes and lives destroyed. Madness.

Saad Salem
Andrew ! It's not a toy car, it's a real car or what is left from it just to compare the size of destruction. There is another two cars to right of it and a little higher.

Daniel Gorinstein
Hello Saad: You are so very right in showing the world the deviated minds that can cause this havoc and devastation. It is already almost impossible to comprehend human existence, and even as wonderful and unfathomable as it is, sick mind persist in destroying it for the sake of......power? money.....sheer stupidity and extremely low IQs... that of ALL useless politicians. These images hurt, certainly, and you are brave to show them to the world...a world that in 1939 turned away from cold-bloodedly murder and incinerate over 6 million Jews, plus several more million Russians, Poles, etc. etc. Even bright minds like Churchil's stood oblivious to the obvious. I have many doubts about the working of the human mind. Thanks for making us all aware of the senseless horror. But....who can stop it????????? So mad....a feeling of utter impotence, and a total lack of understanding of "leaders" of the world. In whose hands are we???????

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