Hot Time, Summer in the City

by Miller Gary

Spanish Harlem. Loving Spoonful song.

hot time summer in the city spanish harlem loving spoonful song miller gary

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Location: New York City

Exif Information:
Model : X-E1
Date Time Original : 2018-03-14 08:35:57
Focal Length : 5000/100
Shutter Speed Value : 5321928/1000000
Exposure Time : 1/40
Aperture Value : 0.0
F Number : 1.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 400
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 1
X Resolution : 240/1
Y Resolution : 240/1
Software : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.12 (Macintosh)

Published: Sunday 8th of April 2018 12:10:40 PM


Rosario Portella
These naughty children ... Nice picture!

Michael Linder
Although the subject matter is charming, I have a concern about the tonality. The spray of water is sufficiently sharp, but I think it would work more effectively if it were brighter.

Gerald Cafferty
Song title Paul Simon?, or may be Lovin Spoonful.................................. I like the photo, there may be something in what Michael say's but if you are OK with it it's your call.

Michael Linder
Gerald, the song is by the Lovin' Spoonful. We can agree to disagree about the water spray.

Gary Miller
Whoops. My mistake. I remember the song well but mistook the artists.

Warren Kaplan
Wow Gary!! Photo of the week! And well deserved I might add!! This photo has EVERYTHING going for it and, of course, could only be shot in B&W! BRAVO Gary!!!

Fred G
I have to say the idea that this photo could only be shot in black and white feels a bit stifling. It could only be shot in black and white if you limit yourself to most of the previous scenes of this type we’ve become familiar with. Someone wanting to get something different out of it would challenge the tried and true black and white and shoot it in color, with an interesting palette and eye for detail and personal more than historical perspective. The spray of water seems fine to me. It catches the light differently and realistically. The highlights of the water on the street are sufficiently brighter as they would be given the daylight. The scene’s realism, IMO, is its best feature even though the movement and expression of the kids is a bit underwhelming.

Gary Miller
This is not an attempt at capturing anything more than a slice of life. I prefer B&W, most of the time, and am not too concerned about technical details. Is this an original idea? Of course not. It’s just an example of a photographer wandering the streets of Spanish Harlem trying to tell a story.

Robin Smith
Nice shot with a vintage look. Really needs levelling though: terrible tilt

Gary Miller
Thanks, Robin. I took it during my "full negative, no cropping" period :-). But next time when printing I'll take your advice. BTW, you have some very nice stuff on your page.

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