Venezia Simbolico

by Sadler Wayne

Venice Painting

venezia simbolico rio gondoliers venice painting sadler wayne

Gallery: Painted Italy

Tags: Rio Gondoliers Venice

Category: Fine Art

Published: Wednesday 7th of February 2018 02:14:16 AM


Wayne Sadler
Paintings live on symbols. We don’t paint a tree, we paint lines, forms and hues that suggest or symbolize a tree. Venice, Italy has many recognizable symbols such as the shape of a gondola, the clothing of the gondoliers, the Moorish influenced building fenestration, water and the ubiquitous bridges. Even the hues of Venice seem to mark the place. Sometime I feel Venice is a painting.

Mehmet Akin
i like it a lot

John Peri
Wonderful rendering, perfect composition.

Wayne Sadler
Many thanks, Mehmet.

Wayne Sadler
Thanks, John. "Rendering" is a good word. Feels right.

Patsy Dunn
Beautiful creative work with amazing colors & composition. Take care,............Patsy

Wayne Sadler
Many thanks, Patsy. Much appreciated.

Holger Stelljes
Love it, the splashes of color make this for me, a great scene that takes you there..........................Holger

Wayne Sadler
Thanks, Holger. The splash of color surprised and excited me.

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