Hi. Let's play in the world without the sun...

by Amelkovich Igor

hi lets play in the world without sun nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Wednesday 22nd of October 2003 02:17:06 AM


Matt Simon
Amazingly creepy and well done. It really draws me in.

Luis Bascones
Technically excellent, but disturbing Igor, I've been watching your pictures for a while. I have refrained from commenting on them until now since, while I find them technically excellent; I also find them very disturbing. I believe the lighting, tonality, composition, and level of detail in most of your photos are very good to excellent. But regarding the subject matter, I perceive a strong hostility and objectification towards women. Personally, I find that very disturbing. This does in no way invalidate your work as an artist, and to some it would mean that you have achieved the goal of emotionally moving the viewer. I guess it just means that the vision you present is not my cup of tea. Regards, -LuisB

Owen O'Meara
Igor Bravo. -Owen

Igor Amelkovich
I love women very much. And they know it. But in a photo of nakedness I use them as subjects. I show the person in a portrait. I do not photograph an erotic. Or I try to photograph not erotic. If it turns out - I am very glad. Thanks.

Slowenien .
:) Very good picture y r in my favorites... why have always your models an sack on an head

Igor Amelkovich
Hi. Let's play in the world without the sun... New series

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