by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled architecture clouds sky geometric parking lot empt arnold wolfgang

Tags: architecture clouds sky geometric parking-lot empty

Category: Fine Art

Exif Information:
X Resolution : 240/1
Y Resolution : 240/1
Copyright : CC-BY-SA 4.0 - Wolfgang Arnold

Published: Saturday 9th of September 2017 12:04:41 PM


Franz Weber
Sehr schön, die unterschiedlichen Strukturen und Linien sowie der fraktal wirkende Himmel.

Wolfgang Arnold
Vielen Dank!

Jack McRitchie
I find we often see things in much the same way. At least I respond to your images quite instinctively. The contrast between the bland, confining fence and the colorful, limitless sky is brilliant. I think if this were mine I would have cropped the bottom third of the picture, the brickwork with the white lines which I think competes for the viewers attention with the pure fence/sky interaction

Wolfgang Arnold
[[show-photo-18428747]] Jack, many thanks for stopping by & commenting. True, we seem to see things very similar - I really enjoyed your recent photos for their ingenious visual revelations (after being again too long absent from PN)... Your proposal to crop lower part is an interesting thought and helpful trigger to reflect on my choices. My idea was to offer a path into the picture, but you are right, it competes a bit too much with the actual subject. Attached is a slightly modified version - darkening brickwork slightly, reducing detail contrast while not completely cropping it.

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