by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled arnold wolfgang

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Published: Monday 28th of August 2017 06:32:37 PM


Holger Stelljes
All the lines and angles are well placed , one leads to the next and the interesting part is that beautiful sky in the background, like opposites attract. A well seen image Wolfgang.........BR, Holger

Wolfgang Arnold
@Holger: many thanks for insightful comment! Been quite some time off from PN - therefore happy about your comment :-)

Jack McRitchie
Holger has expressed my feelings very well. It's like an interlocking puzzle. There's little of intrinsic interest in any of the parts; it's how they are put together that makes you sit back and appreciate the art of seeing. One might also throw a bouquet to that cloud-filled sky, like some benevolent deity on high looking down with a mixture of perplexity and wonder at what his creations have produced.

Wolfgang Arnold
@Jack: many thanks for your comment - sometimes, in seemingly boring places, things start to interact...

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