by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled bare tree square window bw arnold wolfgang

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Tags: bare tree square window b/w

Category: Architecture

Location: Weimar, Germany

Exif Information:
Aperture Value : 0.0

Published: Thursday 9th of February 2017 08:07:42 PM


Holger Stelljes
Hi Wolfgang, The trees lines and the perfect geometry of the windows and doors make this eye catching for me at least. It had to be black and white and you have good clear detail as well. Excellent. BR, Holger

Antony Long
Wolfgang What a great eye you have for these urban scenes. Beautifully produced B/W. Love the contrast between the man made geometry and the living organic form which seems to be reaching to interact with the geometric. One for my favourites. Regards Tony

Su dawen
Very nice picture

Supriyo Bhattacharya
A window hugging tree. Wolfgang, thank you for the post (pun intended). Without it lurking on the left, the scene would have been too perfect to look at. Great job!

Chris Hamilton
Nice simplicity and shape, well captured.

Daniel Gorinstein
Sharp, aesthetic, perfectionist, quiet, minimalistic. An extraordinary photograph, with superb taste. Sometimes, like this, simple makes perfect. DG

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