Maresias #14

by Sousa Dias Nana

maresias sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Saturday 18th of October 2003 03:41:54 PM


JF Ochoa
Beautiful picture.

Matthew Anderson
Both the formation of the clouds and the blanket of rocks in the immediate foreground seem to guide the eye toward the center--or just right of center...but the three dark rocks at center push the eye off to the right and out of the frame. I like that. Though there is sufficient contrast I'd still like a little more, but not at the expense of losing detail on the front rocks, which you did well in capturing. That white cloud is a killer; I love it.

Philippe Rapoport
Great picture! fantastic unreal composition.

Paul Frank
I'll second the comment that it could use a bit more contrast, but not much. In my opinion there's a bit of unneeded elements here that weaken the image overall. The foreground rocks occupy too much of the frame, as does the dark sky at the top. The arrangment of rock islands are what really make this outstanding and I think the image is stronger when they are emphasized more. The inclusion of the foreground rocks is useful to anchor the image but I don't think you need as much as you included. I like this crop better, but as usual, this is just my personal preference. Keep the great coastal stuff coming!

Richard van Hoesel
Just catching up on some of your wonderful seascapes after a bit of an absence. This one appeals to me a lot since I love rugged rock formations along the coast. Paul's crop seems a bit extreme at the bottom and loses an important part of the sky to my taste.

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