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Published: Saturday 18th of October 2003 12:25:15 PM


Michele Ciofalo
John, fine work as usual. I too find a bounced flash the simplest and often most effective of lights, and certainly that which imitates most closely the natural daylight from a window. Here I like the dynamic pose; however, the model's facial expression is a tad bored and does not quite match the pose itself ... or perhaps you were looking exactly for this contradiction? I understand that this is meant to look as a casual shot taken at home, hence the busy background is fine here, but there are too many dark objects in the lower half which make her outline impossible to track. The shadow on the right eye is not a problem in my opinion. Am I wrong, or this young lady does actually have slight asymmetric eyes? (adds to the charm, of course...)

The biggest part of a portrait is the eyes, in this pic the right eye is too shaded, having her turn her head to the left or shooting the pic from a different angle would have eliminated this. Otherwise this is a nice shot. This explains my rating

John Peri
Thanks Michele. I have actually removed those black objects to the right (locks and door handles). I'll change the photo over soon. Actually, this is one of the better photos of the session. It looks a little bland here. Unfortunately, the screen does not always give the same rendering as the original.

Nathan Root
Another great one Some will not like the shadowing. Yet, I am in favor of it. Not being able to see the whole face clearly due to shadowing makes me wonder, guess, and mystifies me. This picture engulfs my senses in every way to admire and be teased by the unknown; or incomplete picture. Once again, BRAVO.

John Peri
Thank you Nathan. I enjoyed your comment. I agree with you also that a portrait should excite the attention and yet leave the viewer to interpet what he/she sees.

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