by Peri John

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Friday 17th of October 2003 01:48:45 PM


thomas breazeale
Possibly a real cool image!Vivid colors and nice idea John.

Detlef Klahm
this idea I just don`t get tired of...love her expression (left)

A Monty
Wonderful Great work, I'll have to see what else you have!

John Peri
Eric, I only know the most elementary things about photoshop, but if ever there is something you feel I could be of use with, let me know.

Eric Mansfield
Creative mind John, I like this series of photos ... with the bursting color and the portraits-within-a-portrait look .. not quite sure how use PS to capture the same style, but your work inspires me. Although I'm sure the composition always begins with taking a great picture .. and then for you, the rest comes easy. Great stuff. Eric

Eric Mansfield
no PS? well .. if you're doing this kind of work without PS, then I'm really at a loss of where to begin. I'm a broadcaster by trade, and a photographer by hobby. I haven't worked much with film; just digital pics and PS. John, to capture these images and create these types of composition convinces me you should be teaching. I'll be the first to sign up for your class. Regards. Eric

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