Loneliness with eternity.

by Amelkovich Igor

loneliness with eternity nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 16th of October 2003 12:30:59 PM


Steve Bingham
Beautiful! I wish the water was not so green. The whole picture seems to have a green cast. Otherwise, excellent.

Igor Amelkovich

Bert Armijo
Nice choice of lighting on the model; it works well with the composition.

ali merati
my friend this is very butiful.

Igor Laptev
And beautiful lighting!

Francesco Martini
Splendid shot!!!

Simone Maria Navarra
Excellent! Simone

Bill Angel
I realize that this was not your artistic intent, but an image like this brings to mind art from the 1930's that was meant to serve as political propaganda, the purpose of which was to glorify the superiority of the Nordic or "Aryan" race.

Antonio Giacomo
Hi Igor A very striking photograph. The lighting of the girl is superb. Of course, it does not match the lighting on the rocks very well, but why let details cloud a beautiful image.

Jonathan Charles
I like the overall concet & composition but 2 things detract from the picture: 1 - the secondary lighting on her back looks very un-natural without some visible cause, maybe it would work if it were more subtle; 2 - her pose is slightly arkward, more "pin-up" style than spontaneous for someone just gazing at the horizon (could look right if she were looking down at the rocks as she climbed over them eg in my photo: "Nereid-5"). Both these clash with the beautiful tranquility of the scene.

I think another from this series could be perfect. ... Jonathan

Norbert Felzl
your usual high and perfect label :)) norbert .

csab' józsa
beautiful place,beautiful girl; such a beautiful photo that it's almost like a kitschy painting!!! i love your work, igor, but this is ...different!i'm quite surprised.

mike werkhoven
you better have a look at the 19th century painter casper david friedrich. a bit old romantic cliche, nice person tho. mike werkhoven

gregg johnson
Igor Your photo's are all so beautiful, but this one struck me with awe and wonder. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

Aguiar Thierry
It's perfect! I can not add anything else!

Maloon Yang
wow!!!!!!!! soooooooooooooo beautiful! perfect work! beauty + nature = wonderful art work!

Igor Amelkovich
Loneliness with eternity. Beautiful place, beautiful girl...

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