by Manssila Juha

a nature wilderness landscape seeking critique manssila juha

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Published: Saturday 17th of September 2016 02:18:29 PM


Larry Greenbaum

Juha,  The simplicity of this image is its greatest strength.  The land is beautiful in its starkness.  The minimalism in the image carries its message well.  The streak of light on the right also adds to the message.  I would like to have seen the reflection be sharper, but you can't control the movement in the water.  Nice image.   Larry

Juha Manssila

Thank You for the insightful comments!

Chris Hamilton

Beautiful light, simplicity and balance.

Leslie Reid

Beautiful colors, and so peaceful. I love how the linear cloud guides me to the center from both the top and bottom of the image, and how those small spikes of dark trees contrast with the smooth lines through the rest of the photo.  

Juha Manssila
Northern Scenery Sunset at Lake Luiro, Lapland..

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