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Published: Wednesday 15th of October 2003 06:16:27 PM


Erkki Makkonen
She has the most beautiful face!

Stanislaw Trzaska
Tati congrats on having the model...nice pic...

Evgeni Rozenshtein
John, do you need assistance? You know, to hold the lights etc... :) Your models are so beautiful and special!

John Peri
Evegeni, I know! Please don't tell anyone, but I'm crazy about every single one of them! Jokes apart, my models are all of the "girl next door", they are real people and one can identify with them, and that is why some may find them atttractive.

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Stephen Clay Brandt
she has definite promise...nice find...nice shot...

Michael Murchie
Awesome pic...again I could comment on your pics all day John!...your models are amazing...love to know where u find them :p ...I am sure we have girls around here that are as beautiful but they sure are hard to find :( Keep them coming! Mick

John Peri
Comme on Michael, there are gorgeous young ladies in Australia. My models are all just friends that I meet around ... just tell them that you can't possiby go on living without taking a picture of them!

John Peri
Michael, a tip I picked up from reading Helmut Newton's autobiography that may be useful for all of us .... he says that he never paid a model, particularly in his younger days. He just asked them to stay an extra 20 mins after completing an official photo shoot, so that he could take some pictures for himself ....

Michael Murchie
Hahaa...like your style John!...U r right tho...we have a lot of great models here....I am too lazy to go find them!..I just tend to shoot whoever the agency sends to me for a folio.

Michael Murchie
Great idea!...Ill try that at monday's shoot :)....I have never paid a model either ( my clients have tho ), its usually me getting paid for the folio, catalogue or magazine shoot but then the person paying for the shoot holds copyright so Helmuts idea suits me down to the ground :P Cheers, John!

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