by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled time abstract sea exposure seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Tags: time abstract sea exposure seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Sunday 13th of March 2016 06:15:22 PM


stephanie c
the trinity sand water and sky.. all the elements well seen and felt

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment - been more off than on PN recently... therefore happy about any new comment.

Franz Weber

Hat was und ist völlig unterbewertet.

Wolfgang Arnold

@Jack: many thanks & yes, I cannot deny being influenced here by Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman.

@Saad: many thansk for your comment!

@Franz: vielen Dank! Die Bewertungen sind immer so eine Sache... die "best of" sind ja meistens nur nett anzuschauen, aber mehr nicht.

Jack McRitchie
A very nice painterly (or post-painterly) abstract. Kind of reminds me of a minimalist take on Mark Rothko.

Saad Salem
Hi. Very good abstract. Regards.

Wolfgang Arnold
Abstract... ..beach

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