night alley

by Arnold Wolfgang

night alley black street white tree traffic arnold wolfgang

Gallery: dark light

Tags: alley black night street white tree traffic

Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 17th of January 2016 04:04:41 PM


Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I agree with Holger the perspective and composition is excellent. One gets a very real feel for the night mood with the silhouettes beyond the trees and the tiny lights that promise warmth and life!

Best Regards 



Wolfgang Arnold
Holger, Alf, stephanie, Jack,

many thanks for your encouraging comments :-)

Jörg Vetter

Great scene ... a ghost car is running?

Holger Stelljes

Very good image Wolfgang. The light and shadows alternating and the blurred car add interest.  I think your perspective as to where to shoot this from is what makes this work so well.

BR, Holger

stephanie c
its a bit creepy like a tale of darkness and the blur really adds character to the photo

Jack McRitchie
This looks like a scene from a film noir, operatic road movie. I like it a lot.

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