by Arnold Wolfgang

tentacles light artificial night tree shadow seeki arnold wolfgang

Gallery: dark light

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Category: Fine Art

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Published: Sunday 10th of January 2016 03:23:37 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Chris, Pierre, stephanie, Fred, Franz,

many thanks for your comments and thoughts - which to me opened a different view on my photo - initially I only considered it being sinister, the light turning the branches of the tree into tentacles... but I see now, there's another angle to it - like stephanie and Franz remarked. @Fred: while my initial impulse was indeed the glance noticing the shadows, it took me several attempts to find the right position and viewpoint to get to a satisfactory result - and I'm happy that the final photo does not carry any of the trial-and-error ballast.

Pierre Dumas
Beautiful low key classic picture!

Best regards



Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Nice lighting, shadow and effect.

Franz Weber

Schwanke zwischen märchenhaft und Tatort. Auf jeden Fall toll!

stephanie c
calming lovely shot

Wolfgang Arnold
When the light... ...turns branches into tentacles.

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