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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 11th of October 2003 11:44:01 AM


Ken Thalheimer
A very natural and relaxed portrait with just a hint of being erotic, yet it seems it hasn't done that well here. I don't understand that

John Peri
Well ... as I said above Ken, it was taken "in between". I liked the smile, but the "erotic" component if there is to be one doesn't really come across here. It was there in the before and after shots though, which people will probably identify more with easily with.

Anthony Peterson
Natural and happy.

Edward Slonaker
That smile says it all. Great capture!

John Peri
Thank you Edward. that is why I posted it. Actually, this was one of the shots taken "in between" poses. They often turn out to be the most charming ones!

John Peri
Zack indeed the model is very photogenic. It's a good friend and I have often had the opportunity to photograph her.

James Mc Quarrie
You have many wonderfull shots in this folder, but i have to say this is for me the best. It's not typical of this type of photography (young ladies) that look and the smile make the image intimate and wonderfull. Regards, Jim

John Peri
Thanks Jim. Maybe it is because we genuinely have fun when we take the photos. I guess that's one of the advantages of photographing friends.

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