by Arnold Wolfgang

ivy buds monochromatic seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Flora - monochromatic

Tags: ivy buds monochromatic seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 3rd of December 2015 07:45:26 PM


Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I get the impression of motion within the image even though I know the subject is static.  I think it must be the dance like pose and the sense that the nodules would swing and sway to the music.  I also get the impression of depth and form, and this is despite the image being on a very plain background.   Yes, I like it very much! 


Best Regards 



Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Excellent simplicity and shape, well seen.

stephanie c
its so delicate and precise reminds me of japanese gardens a sense of peace

Bruegel Kuiseb

... Escher versus Alien; an oniric debate... Hi

Wolfgang Arnold
Fractal shapes... ...and hommage to Karl Blossfeldt

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