by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled office building window empty shadow rectangular re arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set I: Shapes

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Published: Saturday 21st of November 2015 06:46:18 PM


Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Nice shapes and shadows, well seen.

Scott Tyrrell

Very pleasing shot indeed. I don't know how you stand on manipulation, but this shot would, for me, be really improved by cleaning this image up. I would remove the ceiling lights which can be seen through the windows, as well as perhaps the clouds. Then fun could be had with targeted contrast adjustments. Just a suggestion as this image is perfectly fine the way it is! 

Niels Christian Roe
Well seen and observed

Wolfgang Arnold
Chris, Niels, Scott,

many thanks for your comments... @Scott: ...and for your suggestions! I'm trying to balance the modifications: as much as needed but not more than necessary - while I'll probably keep the ceiling lights (I think as -originally- rectangular objects they have their place), I think, I'll retouch the sky (or even crop it).

Holger Stelljes

A marvelous lesson in geometry Wolfgang. I like the tones throughout the image and I agree to only crop the sky, but it's fine as is.

BR, Holger

Fred G

I really appreciate how you've used the reflected light of other windows in the geometric approach to this scene. You've been working a lot with shadows, and I like this addition of the light reflections, which I find adds dimension and a sense of dialogue between the effects of light on things. I think the image loses a lot when the sky is cropped out. I could see, though don't think it's necessary, getting rid of the cloud and having that gradient which goes from darker to lighter left to right unbroken by the cloud. I think, though, having that gradient plays nicely off the more solid geometry of the building, windows, and reflections and shadows. For me, that top portion of the photo is like a life breath to the rest of it. The longer I look, the more I appreciate those shapes inside the windows. At first, I could see the photo without those and wouldn't have minded cloning them out. But the more I linger, the more they add a bit of intrigue and an important additional design element.

Wolfgang Arnold

Holger, many thanks for your comment - functional buildings like this one often go unnoticed, but still are attractive to me for their simple and straight architecture.

Fred, I highly appreciate your thoughts and happily take the advice to keep the sky as a "life breath" (a spot on metaphor as it's the only natural element).

Michael, I'm happy about every comment and your's is a confirmation of my thoughts and ideas around this photo - many thanks!


Michael Linder

Hopefully, I won't simply echo the critiques you've already received.


This image is a fine study of form, line, shape, and space.  One reason it works so well because of the tonal range and contrasts, and also the variations of texture.  Another is its simplicity.  


Wolfgang Arnold
reflections... ...and shadows.

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