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Gallery: Don't believe your eyes

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Published: Tuesday 17th of November 2015 04:36:16 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Chris, Holger, stephanie,

many thanks for your comments. @Holger: your are right - something trickery is at work here - and as on PN were almost like in a private circle, I'll reveal what I've done here: I've simply copied about the upper left quarter, mirrored it and moved it into the upper right corner - plus some small adjustments so that the 'new' section almost seamlessly merges into the image. At first glance this may go unnoticed, but at second glance you notice that something is wrong: shadows don't match, the "wind" usually also does not blow in two different directions at the same spot.

Apart from the fact, that this little photoshop prank is fun, my idea is to provide a little impulse or reminder that we should not always trust our eyes and that (visual) perception is more than simply "looking" :-)

Wolfgang Arnold

Here's a version that shows where the seams are...

Holger Stelljes

Wolfgang I like this image, it's interesting. The doors and windows are not the same on each side, nor the people, yet the flags and sky are mirrored images of each other???  There is some trickery afoot here. In any case I like it.

Best Regards, Holger

Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Lovely scale, shape and backdrop, well seen.

Drew Bayless




stephanie c
very eye catching Wolfgang i like things kept real and simple in photography

Wolfgang Arnold
real? a little challenge to your perception.

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