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Published: Friday 10th of October 2003 10:07:32 AM


great shot John! it works very well in black n white!

John Peri
Hy Peter. this in fact is an original taken with FP4 film and not a rendition of another picture. I'm not too sure which colour one you are confusing it with?

Marielou Dhumez
Très, très belle photo d'un modèle magnifique.

F. Y. Awle
Great Crop

JF Ochoa
This is great. (and happy, happy birthday...)

John Peri
Muchos gracias Juan. How nice of you.

Vlad P.
Nice portrait, almost low-key. Unusual angle, interesting.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
I like all your portraits, but this is special... Unusual and deep, great work!

Ray Rodin

Gustaf Björklund
Stunning! Absolutely wonderful. The framing given by the hair is great. The EYE is quite disturbing, I'm not sure why but it gives me a strange feeling. I think it would be better if she was looking directly forward instead of towards the camera.

Ufuk Ozkan

Carla Maio
I love this one 11/10 My husband loves all your photos :-), I love this one!

John Peri
Thank you Carla. Actually, suprisingly, it is the ladies that are often the most supportive !

Great pictures.

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