by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled shadow diagonal wall minimalism seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Rectangles,... and other visual barriers

Tags: shadow diagonal wall minimalism seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

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Published: Saturday 14th of November 2015 06:05:54 PM


Bulent Celasun

This is for my fingertips... so tactile!

Jack McRitchie
Wolfgang I know what you mean by photo glut. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to cut my way through the Amazon rainforest with a machete. I'm over a year behind now though I work at it diligently for hours every day. As for your comments on perception, I think we are highly programmed in the way we view the world, indeed we are seldom aware of how much we are responsible for what we see and how we interpret it. As artists we must become the destroyer of worlds in order to fashion a new perception of reality (which then must inevitably be transcended as well). I believe the job is always to re-imagine.

Jack McRitchie
Wolfgang You post much too rarely; I'm always attracted to the subtle and very imaginative way you see things. Definitely the thinking man's photographer

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your reply - I agree "...we are highly programmed in the way we view the world..." and we are hardly ever aware of the boundaries... (which is nothing new - your reply reminded me of Plato's Allegory_of_the_Cave). And, I like art (be it photography, painting, literature,...) that challenges my (pre-)conceptions...

Therefore, I really like your It All Changes in the Blink of an Eye. I had my own little attempts in a similar direction, yet with help of photoshop: http://photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=1068620 - so far, I'm not yet satisfied with my results - some more images are in the pipeline - maybe I'll add them to the folder...

Drew Bayless

shadows, lines, ....


stephanie c
i like the 70s looking avocado green wall. looks like a scene from a different circa

Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Great lines, simplicity and abstract look, well seen.

Michael Linder

First, I am fascinated by the dialogue between you and Jack.  Your reference to Plato couldn't have been more appropriate.  (But what happens if we escape the cave?)


This image is demonstration enough that power can be communicated through subtle means - soft detail, desaturated colors, subtle texturing, and gradual contrast.  To me, though, the real fascination comes from the linearity.


My best,


Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Chris, Drew, stephanie,

many thanks for your comments & feedback!

@Jack: indeed, I'm trying to take advantage of the fact that visual perception not only involves the eyes but also a bit of the brain - and sometimes it works... and, you're right - I've grown too lazy here - and there are no excuses (except that I'm again suffering from too many raw files on my harddrive waiting for tough decisions...)...

Wolfgang Arnold
...a wall... ...some shadows...

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