Lumière du sud 5

by Arnold Wolfgang

lumire du sud light shadow door wood seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Published: Thursday 22nd of October 2015 05:00:39 PM


Jack McRitchie
I very much like the open, diagonally shadowed door but I feel that the rest of the composition doesn't support it as well as it should. But then I seem to have some sort of unfortunate prejudice against portrait oriented pictures. I just don't seem to see things very well in that orientation.

stephanie c
for me the half open door suggests dilemma . coming ....going? staying or leaving. the dark and the light.. the window above suggests another way out.

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for all your recent comments and suggestions. It's interesting that this one doesn't fully "work" for you - because it's besides this one my own favorite in this little series. I was happy to be able to arrange the shadow on the open door so that it continues on the wall - and that there is some - admittedly vague - 'companionship' between the bollard and the lamp's shadow. Yet, enough of an apologia - perception is individual and I highly appreciate to get a different "view" on my photos. 

Holger Stelljes

I love that diagonal shadow across the door, and its offset composition doesn't really bother me as I feel there are other things to balance the image, such as the shadow leading across the wall and the hanging light?...The window above is the only thing I'm not sure about but still there is more than enough goodness here for me to enjoy.

Best Regards, Holger

Leslie Reid

I love how you've played with the different kinds of shadows in this image. I can see Jack's point about the composition, but for me it does work because of the positioning of three strong eye-magnets: the shadow on the door, the light top to the bollard, and the mysterious shadow of the hanging lamp--I could happily bounce around between the three for a long time. I particularly like the angle of view that you chose, which brings the horizontal shadow on the wall just to the point of the shadow on the door. I'm curious about how this would work as a monochrome--I can't figure out if the hints of color here are adding to the strength of the image or subtly detracting from it. And I have to admit that, unlike Jack, I'm partial to portrait orientation since my first real camera was a half-frame SLR, which means that in my world, it's the portrait orientation that looks normal. 

Wolfgang Arnold

Leslie, many thanks again for your insightful comment. The touching shadows are a key element for me.

In fact, I had also considered b/w, because this photo is primarily about shadows and shapes. However, I decided to keep color for conveying a hint of the hot summer atmosphere (well, warm toning of b/w might do - but that always comes with the risk of being nostalgic - which I didn't want this photo to be about).

Holger, many thanks for viewing and commenting. Well, the window... I found it like faint echo of the door (and found 'photoshopping' a too drastic measure).

Wolfgang Arnold
open door... ...shadow...

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