the white shirt

by Arnold Wolfgang

the white shirt street walking car seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Category: Street

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Published: Saturday 3rd of October 2015 09:05:02 AM


Jack McRitchie
Love the juxtaposition of the car and the man moving in opposite directions. A wholly original and very well composed picture. After I made my own comment, I read the rest of the comments and see we're all pretty much of the same mind.

Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Nicely timed and composed.

Holger Stelljes

The car going one way and he the other makes for a compelling composition and the scene above is like a bonus. Well seen.

Regards,  Holger

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment - it was exactly the dynamics of the car and man moving in opposite directions, that caught my eye.

Wolfgang Arnold
Chris, Jack,

many thanks for your comments - they confirm my idea worked here.

Wolfgang Arnold
"Street"... usually not a genre I'm actively pursueing. Here, I couldn't resist...

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