by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled stairs diagonal shadow light seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set I: Shapes

Tags: stairs diagonal shadow light seeking critique

Category: Abstract

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Published: Friday 18th of September 2015 08:17:26 PM


Jack McRitchie
When you take the time to see what is pictured here it becomes a delightful exercise in serendipity, both minimalistic and evolutionary.

Drew Bayless

:--) !!!

minimal, in a moment dark/light,,,,

stephanie c

great sense of light and depth ..  i like its uniqueness as well

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment - glad, that obviously my idea works (at least for the attentive viewer)

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

This one just leapt out at me. My only surprise is that it hasn't attracted a lot more attention.  This one of those photo's that I look at and think "I wish I'd taken that". Such stark simplicity, yet it extrudes an air of sophistication that makes it somehow "classy" 

Excellent eye to capture this.


Sincere Compliments! 



Wolfgang Arnold
Drew, Alf,

many thanks for your encouraging comments - highly appreciated, as I value your judgement!

Saad Salem
Hi. Even in the darkest dark there is a thin path of light that could beat the whole dark altogether,very good shot . Regards.

Ricardo GirĂ£o

Brilliant one Wolfgang. How can something so simple look so inspiring. Looks like the elements aligned for you and waited patiently for you to come with the camera.



Wolfgang Arnold
Stairway... ...to...

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