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untitled water beach high key waves arnold wolfgang

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Published: Wednesday 16th of September 2015 07:20:11 PM


Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment. This photo was hanging around on my hard drive for a few years already. I found the raw version OK-ish - to good to delete but lacked an idea what do about it. While scanning through my repository recently, it caught my eye can and I tried the idea to push tonality into high key. 

Fred G

I like the idea of this a lot. I've always had this thought of how analogous in certain ways the beach is with a snowy landscape. One thing that maybe is not working in its favor is how the pattern seems to go from lower corner of the frame to upper corner. While it's a little biased to the left of the frame, I wonder if it would have a little more to it if there were more imbalance of the negative space the diagonal didn't seem to bisect the frame so closely. Regardless, there's both a concept and a visual feeling here that work nicely and have a subtle but effective impact.

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for comment and thoughts - good point about the balance (the composition is influenced by Harald Mante, a German photographer who is carefully connecting his compositions to frame edges and corners - almost like hanging the elements on a clothesline... - which can result in too rigid geometries).

Not sure, when I'll travel to the seaside next time - but, in any case I'll take both your advice with me.

Jack McRitchie
An interesting and original idea, Wolfgang. I think there's still a bit of room for refinement in the technique, though. Having said that, I'd like to see if you can further develop this direction.

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