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Published: Saturday 5th of September 2015 03:19:52 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Tony, Amy, Christoph, Drew,

many thanks for your comments! @Christoph: well, who cares about content nowadays ;-) - bought them only for the thin paper around the cans...

tony brandstetter

I live in the city that Andy grew up, he rejected Pittsburgh and touted himself a New Yorker. We are a shot and a beer town so his life style may not have agreed with the locals. All in all, we love Andy, the vast majority does, just like all of us, if you are from Pittsburgh, we support you. That is why in my art, I try to promote my city all that I can. I love my city, I lived here all my life, all my family still lives here.


All of us are getting together for Labor Day Holiday, stop by have a burger, a shot and a beer.

Amy Helmick

One can't help but think of Warhol when you see this, but you did him one better....:-)

Christoph Geiss

Well, now you have to eat the sweetened goo.


Drew Bayless


Wolfgang Arnold
I simply could not resist... ..when I stumbled across Campbell's Tomato soup in our local supermarket, which is in some corner in western Europe, where you see Warhol's images far more often than the real product.

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