by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled blinds shadow wall texture closed arnold wolfgang

Gallery: lumière du sud

Tags: blinds shadow wall texture closed

Category: Fine Art

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Copyright : Copyright 2015 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Published: Tuesday 18th of August 2015 06:48:30 PM


Jack McRitchie
Charon's boat sails in silence to the far shore.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Fred,

many thanks for your thoughts and comments! While I did not I have any particular picture (like 'Charon's boat') in mind, I was attracted by the transformative power of the shadow cast on the wall and the perculiar protusions.

Gail Harmer

I like the shadow on the wall as well. I am not familiar with many great artists to compare to, so I just am going from my 'gut' feeling of the scene captured.  The  protrusions on the wall are interesting, makes me wonder what it would look like if this 'window' (?) were open :) good eye Wolfgang.

Fred G

These latest seem to be leaning toward a free-form sense of shadow and shape as opposed to a more strictly geometrical. For me, it's a movement from the type of sensibility embodied, for example, in the work of Mondrian to the type of sensibility in more cubist work. This and your other new one have a more cubist feel to me. As  matter of fact the two door hinges could be the eyes and we could take it from there . . . all the way to a slightly crooked smile implied by the top horizontal edge of the shadow.

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