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Published: Sunday 26th of July 2015 01:38:19 PM


Juha Manssila


Thank You for the valuable comment!

The bird images that portray some kind of action are definately keepers.. Although I also like to take portraits of birds as well. The 500mm lens certainly helps to achieve good results but round 300mm lens is also adequate for bird photography.

Christoph Geiss

Beautiful colors, good timing. The few out-of-focus branches give nice depth to an image that would otherwise be pretty flat. well done!

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Bravo a very nice image well composed , I like the contrast with the blurred background, ciao Giangiorgio

Juha Manssila

Thank You all for the comments!

Len Marriott

You have many inspirational bird photos in your portfolio but I like this one for the action depicted. Seems to be doing a 'seventh inning stretch'.   A little different from the more common bird-sitting-stagnant-on-a-branch variety.  And that's what sets it apart from the average bird photo offering.  The rule of thirds worked well in this square offering because of the environment I think.  Context is well depicted.   Though it's not absolutely necessary for bird photography, a lens in the 500mm category certainly has it's advantages.  I'd love to get one. Best, Len.

Pierre Dumas
Wonderful composition in pastel colors!

Best regards



Juha Manssila
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