by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled black white street blur motion airplane car chimne arnold wolfgang

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Tags: black white street blur motion airplane car chimney industrial trees seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 240.000000
Y Resolution : 240.000000
Copyright : Copyright 2015 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Published: Sunday 21st of June 2015 10:12:18 AM


Pierre Dumas
Beautiful low key classic picture!




Jack McRitchie
It certainly works well enough for me. Its power and interest comes from the disparate elements coming into balance for a single moment within the picture frame - that and the extraordinary light. As for the face in the car, we can discern it only with some effort so it doesn't play a major role in the picture.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Pierre,

many thanks for your comments and feedback. The face is probably only 'visible' when seen large (at original resolution).


Wolfgang Arnold
The rays of the sun... ... created this classical and beautiful light while I was roaming around in this industrial area. So, what to do with these "ingredients"? This photo is a result - but, frankly, I'm not at ease with it: does it 'work'? Or is it too cliché? Is the co-driver's face well enough discerinible to add to the "message" (she was surely wondering, why the heck is the guy poining his camera to this ugly scene)?

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