by Arnold Wolfgang

gotcha tree shadow graffiti arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set III: Trees

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 240.000000
Y Resolution : 240.000000
Copyright : Copyright 2014 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Sunday 17th of May 2015 07:40:59 PM


Trisha Jean-Angela

Running from the shadows! This is great! Great eye to see it as well! Very well done. Thank you for sharing. You made me smile. :)

Drew Bayless

:---)) !

Wolfgang Arnold
Trisha, Drew,

many thanks for your comments :-)

Jack McRitchie
There's something almost comic in this picture in the way the shadows are pursuing the stick figure around the corner. I think I'm seeing this the same way you are. It's little pictures like these. the sudden realization of an "ah-hah" relationships that are the most fun for me.

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment. You've 'read' my thoughts here - it was indeed an "ah-hah"-moment when I realized that the tree's shadow wasn't as innocent as it appeared at first sight.

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