by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled shadow brick window flower wall hiba seeking criti arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Suburbia

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Category: Fine Art

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Published: Sunday 29th of March 2015 06:08:49 AM


Mark Zell

Having the plant penetrate the shadow defines the plane of the shadow and gives it a three-dimensional presence and solidness that shadows usually do not have.  The plant in the window could almost be a reflection of the top of the outdoor plant.  The eye moves in triangles among the shadows and plants.  I like it that the colors in the window echo those outside the building.

Markku Salonen

I very much like this triangle play.  First the shadow triangle exposed at perfect momen, and then the imaginary triangle created by the window plant, this outdoor plant top and it's shadow.. Well seen and thought.

Wolfgang Arnold
Mark, Markku,

many thanks for your detailed thoughts and comments - they reflect my ideas with this photo pretty accurately. Chance was generous to me with timing (edge of shadow touching the little tree) and colors (plant in window vs. wall).

Wolfgang Arnold
Light, shadow, shapes

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