Chateau at Night

by Tsoi Wilson

chateau at night tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 4th of October 2003 03:14:35 AM


Darren Conklin
I rated this a 7 for asthetics even though it has a blurry line above the trees and castle which I also get from scanning photos and isn't in the original print. So my rating is going off what I can imagine the original print looking like. You can't compare this to the other two. I liked the other two but the cropping, lighting and color detail in this one is ten times better. I would have rated the other 2 at a 5 and 6 but not after seeing this one so I'm not going to rate them. I also looked at the rest of your portfolio and am awestruck at the detail,color and how sharp they all are.

Toby Hicks
I really like the way the blue contrasts with the white, it is a very melow scene.

Jonathan Small
I like this photo, but feel the bridge is too bright compared to the rest of the image.

Jim Swenson
I like the bridge and think that the lights on it make the image.

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