by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled inside white black reflection window outside theat arnold wolfgang

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Published: Sunday 8th of March 2015 09:58:32 AM


Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment. Though I didn't think of Hopper when seeing this, I like a lot how he deals with light and leans on "photographic" compositions. Besides the 1960's architecture of this building, the light caught my eye (and how the illuminated interior merges with the reflections of the outside).

Jack McRitchie
I really like the way the wall curves around leading to the bright entranceway. Funny, I think this would work just about as well upside down.

Jack McRitchie
Upside Down Thought I'd give it a try.

stephanie c

Jack what a cool idea.. it works. something about the angles in this photo the different shapes  it really works no matter how you look at it

Wolfgang Arnold
stepanie, Jack,

big thanks for your thoughts and ideas! Cool idea to turn it upside down - in fact, these weird concrete lamp shades look to me like little volcanic craters - so, the 180 degree turn suits to this mental image.

Wolfgang Arnold
passage... ...below Düsseldorf theater.

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