Rooftop sculpture - West Village

by Walker Clay

rooftop sculpture west village walker clay

Gallery: New York

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Published: Tuesday 17th of February 2015 02:40:32 PM


Guillermo Lobera Temes

Good shot! Excellent detail and composition!

Michael Linder

Outstanding image, Clay.  The buildings in the bg are sufficiently detailed to hold a viewer's interest.

Larry Greenbaum

Clay,  This is a most artistic image.  I am likely to purchase the DMC-LX100 myself and would appreciate any feedback from your experience with it.  Of course, this image is about the artistic manner in which you saw and recorded this scene, not about the camera.   I can image a view like this from a hotel window in New York.  Was this shot hand held?   Thanks for posting this.  Best to you for 2016.  Larry

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