by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled glass reflection door rainpipe seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Suburbia

Tags: glass reflection door rainpipe seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 10th of February 2015 08:19:37 PM


Jack McRitchie
I agree with Fred. The large blocks of subdued color work well in ensemble and that red valve cover is the organizing principle and natural focus point that seems to hold the whole thing together.

stephanie c

i like the contradiction the new and old world meet here. the glass door window so modern and clean amongst the aged bricks and  pipes. there is a harmony here a balance.. nicely seen Wolfgang

Wolfgang Arnold
Daniel, stepanie,

many thanks for your comments. @Daniel: your words are balm for my photographer's soul. @stephanie: indeed - this is a small side street in a shopping area and for no apparent reason the glass 'grew' into this small nook.

Daniel Gorinstein

You manage to transform a totally ordinary, uneventful and uninteresting sight, almost overlooked by the great majority, but not by you who perceived "something" in the play of forms and colors. This, I believe, is the signature of a great photographer, to make something like this work into an image that captures the attention of the observer for a long time for that yet undefined "something".


Ruud Albers

A beautiful composition, Wolfgang!


Wolfgang Arnold
Fred, Jack,

many thanks for your comments! Indeed, the red valve caught my eye and finally made me take this photo. It was a grey winter afternoon - so in a way the colours did not have to compete with the light. 

Wolfgang Arnold
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